Opinion: A new host for Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Never Mind the Buzzcocks continues its 24th series on BBC 2 this week and is in its second consecutive year without a permanent host.  The guest presenter is something that has served Have I Got News for You rather well.  Just like the news itself a variety of presenters can deliver the topical events in their own style.  For Buzzcocks the parade of incongruous guest hosts delivering lines written in the style of Simon Amstell simply doesn’t work.

Amstell’s  sardonic and perhaps cruel treatment of guests had lead to criticism from long standing team captain Phil Jupitus , with the general impression that he was scaring away guests.  In fact Amstell’s apointment followed the departure of Mark Lamaar and his celebrity hating style.   Amstell was given the job because he fitted the template Lamaar had created, but he also provided greater youth appeal and a little edge.

Now the producers in their wisdom have handed hosting duties to celebrities who don’t really know or care about music.  Jack Dee may be funny but it’s like someone’s dad turned up on the show.  Catherine Tate knew nothing about music as a guest so does she really have the authority to be a host?  Well at least Terry Wogan is a DJ but a DJ in his seventies.

The ideal host for the show would be Adam Buxton, one half of Adam and Joe now flying solo since Joe went to direct his film.  His 6Music show Big Mix Tape demonstrated his passion for music and indeed his ability to raise a smile.  Since he already on the BBC books and desperately in need of a vehicle it should be a natural fit.  He isn’t cruel but he is clever and could bring in a whole new era more friendly era for Buzzcocks.

So Buxton for Buzzcocks.  He probably wouldn’t want it anyway, but if you agree start a facebook group and justify your own meaningless existence.

Here is Buxton on the mildly amusing Countryman from the BBC comedy website.




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76 responses to “Opinion: A new host for Never Mind the Buzzcocks

  1. minkey

    David O’Doherty gets my vote

    • Mandy

      Dear heavens people – its obvious! The show needs a host who is witty, clever, funny, and knows about music. Bill Bailey, no contest. Astounding knowledge of music of all genres, a musician himself, as well as a great comedian, Forget the armchair critics, get someone in the chair who can actually play as well as perform. X

      By the way – am sitting here watching old the artist formerly known as squiggle re-runs – can anyone tell me who played lead guitar on Purple Rain? (It obviously wasn’t Prince!)

      • Gracey

        I’m not sure that after leaving the show as a captain, Bill would want to come back as a host. I do miss him a lot though.

  2. jeb

    You could replace Simon Amstel with any other poor Mark Lamarr impersionist but, like Have I got news for you, its not the same.

  3. Adam Tabor

    David O’Doherty gets my vote

  4. Martin Baxter

    The episode with Tim Minchen in the chair was THE BEST NMTB that I have ever seen since Simon Amstell chaired it. I watch it again on BBC I player and still laugh out loud

    • diane

      I totally agree! The show with Tim Minchin as host was the best I’ve seen in a long while. Of course I’m a big fan of Minchin’s so I’m biased right there. Thankfully Noel’s joined the show and it’s made all the difference! I think it’d be great if Jullian (Noel’s comedy partner in the Mighty Boosh) hosted a show or two! Afterall, he’s a musican too.

      • Jess

        Tim definitely needs to host again, and i completely agree about julian. him and noel on a team would be so cute together! with tim minchin hosting :)

      • Phili

        I think it would be kind of funny, but Julian’s really not comfortable with that sort of thing, which would probably give it an awkward edge to match his discomfort. Also Noel has a tendency to become quite focussed on Julian when he’s around, which has the potential to be a bit difficult to edit a panel show around.

    • Bethany

      I agree with that too! I’m a huge fan of both Noel and Tim Minchin, and Paloma Faith was also on that episode, which made it even better (: Tim should definitely be considered for getting the permanent job. The show would be HILARIOUS with him hosting (:

  5. Jamie Hall

    Simon Amstell back all day long. Mark lamarr was good but he was amazing ive set up a facebook group to bring him back and have got over 2,000 people it just proves he is wanted back and should be sitting back in that seat absoulte diamond off pisstakers

  6. Nell

    David O’Doherty was the best presenter I’ve seen on NMTB, took the piss of guests but never snidely, and he was hilarious!!!

  7. I think Noel / Phill should host one of the episodes :’)

  8. Andrew Barrow

    Just Saw Tim Westwood present the show on the i player and thought he was great, The bosses should consider giving him the job!

    • Speece

      Having Tim Westwood on thar show again is a terrible, terrible idea.

    • Tim Rowe

      Having seen the actual recording with Tim Westwood, I have a suspicion that if he became permanent hose everybody else would leave. There was, shall we say, a measure of frustration in the studio.

  9. Jacquie

    Just so long as Mr Westwood NEVER comes anywhere near the programme again.

  10. Tim

    I think that Tim Westwood was proof that knowing about music isn’t the most important criterion. Being able to read the autocue and being able to take direction are both more important.

  11. Tim

    Maybe the new host should be number 5: Pat Cash!

    • kev

      i agree, number 5 pat sharp, i have seen him dj live a few times hes funny and knows music!

    • Tim Rowe

      Oops, sorry, s/Cash/Sharp/

    • Will

      Pat Sharp would be genius, but i did really enjoy Josh Groban AND terry wogan as hosts, i do agree with whomever said before about using Julian Barett (howard moon) as a host but you’ve got to assume he’s already been asked at some point…. other good guest host might be Richard Ayoade, Rich Fulcher, Matt berry, Isy Suttie or Kristen Schaal.

  12. Spencer

    Mark Lamarr is the only person to present this programme no one has replaced him properly I used to watch him religiously now I find it hard to work up the interest.

  13. Hayley

    Mark Watson was brilliant as host!
    He was funny and fitted in with the show. Watson for host!!

  14. Daisy O'Brien

    Josh Groban every time for me :D When I saw David O’Doherty I didn’t think it could get any better, but I stand corrected. To be honest, as long as Noel Fielding stays on the show like Phil Jupitus has then I’m fine with any host :D

  15. Robyn

    i personally think David o’Docherty should be the host, hes a comedian and sort of a musician (would you call him that, im not too sure) he is perfect as it is a show that brings comedy and music togther (which of course he does himself) David o’Docherty all the way!

  16. Cherie

    FRANKIE BOYLE!!!!!!!
    ….but Mark Lamarr can never be replaced. Bring back the good old days.
    Mark, Sean and Phil!!!!!!

  17. Roger Nicholls

    Walliams was absolutely hopeless last night, what is it with some of these hosts, they seem to think that being offensive or creepy is sufficient to earn their fee! One or two of the guests have worked well and have definitely been an improvement on the dreadful Amsty but BBC, please select the hosts with more thought.

  18. Raff

    Frankie Boyle was superb, he may of raised a few complaints, but the show felt alive again. I hope that, whilst a few people complained (and will be vocal in doing so) that the repeat viewing figures back his corner.

  19. scrumpymondo

    Rik Mayall

  20. Iselin Andersen

    I would love to se Bill Bailey hosting the show xD That would be genius, but if that don’t word, then Tim Minchin has my vote :)

    Cant wayt for the new season to start tho! wee

  21. frankie boyle! best host ever! get frakie back, even though he hates the bbc

  22. Sara

    Since Mark Lamarr quit his radio show now would be the perfect time for him to come back! Although, I wonder how he and Noel would get on though? It would probably be interesting either way. If not Mark, then I agree that Tim or Frankie were awesome!

  23. I’ve watched NMTB for years. And in my opinion, Seasons 23 and 24 were the best ever. The variety of guest hosts I thought just made it that much better.

    No need for a single replacement, more guest hosts is where it’s at.

  24. Dave

    that jack kid the repeated recently on Iplayer was good, did the amstell/lamarr thing but with his own twist. He was so good I can’t even remember his name Jack Whitehall maybe?

  25. Ian

    Buxton’s not a bad idea – I’d at least like to see him guest host once – but I’m not mad about this idea of a friendlier, gentler era of Buzzcocks. It doesn’t have to be Preston storm-offs every week, but the last thing Buzzcocks should be is a treading on eggshells show where every pop star and indie miserablist who comes on the show has to be treated with godlike reverence.

    Of the guesthosts thus far, Boyle’s been the only one who can properly stick the boot in whilst keeping the atmosphere quite communal. Mark Watson looked perpetually scared of the camera; Minchin (whose stand-up I love) could barely read the autocue; O’Doherty might be good but I fear he would keep trying to do tedious stuff like the Shakira gimmick every week; Whitehall’s too much of a corporate slag to get away with doing Amstell-style ribbing of popstars and celebrities with any dignity. I wouldn’t mind if Boyle took over, although I think the paedophile gags could get tiresome if he trotted them out week after week. At the very least, he sometimes admits to really liking songs on the show (like The Pixies).

  26. Sam

    Jon Stewart from ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ in America

  27. Bethany

    Tim Minchin should definitely return as host in the next series. It would make the show even more hilarious, with both Noel Fielding AND Tim Minchin on it. (:

  28. dani

    get mark lamarr back end of he was the best but also i think they should do an all star episode, where its hosted by mark lamarr with phils team being simon amstell and bill bailey, and noels team being sean hughes and some one else who has been amazing on the show like paloma faith or someone like that

  29. simon keeler

    the best hosts for this show have been the muso’s. Huey from FLC was really good, as was the bloke from Blur. Simon Amstel was a bad choice from the start. never replace like with like. he was way too similar to Lamar, the beeb dropped the ball on this one.

  30. DAVE

    Get that hypnotist, David Days to host it. He is hilarious!

  31. Joannie

    Tim Minchin :0) I Loved his episode he suits the show so well – and a close 2nd Mark Watson!

  32. Red

    Frankie Boyle, who’s with me? :D

  33. Lois

    I would absolutely love to see Tim Minchin in the chair. Frankie Boyle was great though.
    Anybody but Tim Westwood, really.

  34. Meggy

    Tim Minchin for the win!! The guy is amazing!

  35. The trick with this show is to avoid any froissant of celebrity/ubiquity – which entertainment TV producers sadly too often confuse with talent and communality. It is the grand jury against that kind of crass error. Lamarr got the approach exactly right ; Jupitus or Bailey would be great. I think I’d nominate Cerys Matthews.

  36. Mitch Benn – Funny and a Musician!
    Also a Have I Buzzcocks all Over return episode

  37. mum

    Never never never have Lorraine Kelly as host again. That was the worst Buzzcocks ever last night.

  38. It's Competition Time....

    Definitely Buxton. He’s not afraid to ‘tread on eggshells’ as you put it. I’ve just listened to his XFM podcasts and they’re absolutely amazing. The way they talk about Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr and the ‘travesty’ that is The Friday Night Project is flippin’ fantastic.

    • Oh hey sir

      Yes either Adam Buxton , David o’Docherty would be awesome and juli from mighty boosh to be on Noel’s team for a couple of episodes on the future x) then never mind the buzzcocks will be winning fuck Charlie sheen !! Aha

  39. i love both Buxton and Amstell.
    Must admit, I miss Amstell.

  40. FromHolland

    I just watched the never mind the buzzcocks S25 E4 with Adam Buxton as host. I absolutely love him in the A & J show and the XFM shows but it was rather embarrassing performance in NMTB. His humour isn’t that common and his selfmade jingle intro’s weren’t funny. He should stick with radio. My contribution for a new host: Ricky Gervais (or just get Amstell Back).

  41. Dave Leverton


  42. Sarah

    not sure who should be the presenter but i know who should be on as a guest again and that is Rich Archer from Hard-Fi he was great the last time he was on

  43. Charlotte England

    Richard Archer,the frontman of Hard Fi would be a FAB host!

  44. ruth attridge

    richard archer of hard fi

  45. Irene Jones

    Richard Archer from Hard- Fi .He was a great guest (should be back on again,been to long !) and would be a great host!

  46. Sasha Melia

    I’m another one voting for Richard Archer!

  47. Sammy Bower

    Julian Barratt’s got to be on buzzcocks! or maybe they could do a special of buzzcocks with the dave brown, julian barratt, mike fielding and Rich Fulcher. that would be amazing!

  48. Graeme

    I still miss Mark Lamaar. Simon Amstell was ok, but childish. I gave up watching the show a long time ago, when they started getting guest presenters. Some were ok, most were just bad. It’s not even worth watching enymore, on the off chance it might be funny.

  49. Cat

    Richard Ayoade, Richard Ayoade, Richard Ayoade, Richard Ayoade!

  50. Bring back Simon! though he won’t come back himself

  51. Maria

    I say Julian Barrat (but as Howard Moon) Or TIm Minchen!!

  52. Got to be Rhod Gilbert, the show he did with Greg Davies, Gaby Logan, Martin Kemp and Jeremy the talker Reynolds was pure genius as was last weeks again with Rhod hosting. The show seems so relaxed and plays out well when he’s hosting!!

  53. David Simpson

    Get Mark and Simon back to do half a series each, pit them against each other. Or at least have both of them return as guests.

  54. charliparesnips

    Huey Morgan would be great! make Buzzcocks funny again, its gotten so bloody contrived.

  55. junglestu

    the obvious answer would have to be Pam StClements as she needs a new job now and she would probably be willing to wear vinyl earrings which would be great for mid round mixes. Pat Butcher on the Decks!imagine that.


  56. Peenah

    Benedict Cumberbatch as a host HELL YEAH!!!! :D

  57. Cory

    I’d love to see either Merchant/Gervais as guests/guesthosts.

  58. Michael Lee

    Think Tim Wonnacott from Bargain Hunt should guest host with the teams in blue and red fleeces – maybe Antony Costa could repeat his previous Buzzcocks experience, but put him on the red team for fun………….

  59. Me

    Andrew Vanwyngarden! Get an American in for your fans from the states:)!

  60. Sarah

    David Bowie !!!

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